Administrative Clerk Jobs in Baltimore at PGIC

Title: Administrative Clerk

Company: PGIC

Location: Baltimore

Positive Generation In Christ, Inc.

Administrative Clerk Job Description

The administrative clerk is responsible for supporting office staff and performing administrative tasks. Duties include communicating with clients on the phone, through email or in-person and managing their requests. The Administrative Clerk will be efficient in making copies of documents, sending faxes, creating and maintaining reports as assigned by supervision. The administrative clerk will be responsible for creating and managing staff/client appointments. Other duties administrative clerks may perform include:

Organizing and maintaining files so they are available to all staff members

Checking inventory regularly and ordering new supplies from vendors

Occasional travel to perform errands, such as purchasing office supplies/equipment.

Researching and preparing reports or presentations


A high school diploma is REQUIRED for this position; However, a bachelor’s or associates degree in business management, office management, and/or communication or the equivalent is HIGHLY PREFERRED.

Administrative clerk requirements

Administrative clerk position MUST have 3 years’ experience or more. Administrative Clerk MUST be efficient and have strong computer operation skills such as: Microsoft Office; Excel, Word (proficiency testing will be conducted).


Please list any and ALL certifications held, as this may support your application process. (examples:Microsoft Office Specialist Certification, National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers Certification ect.)


Administrative clerks should also excel in the following skills:

Organization skills:They are responsible for keeping the office organized by categorizing files, keeping the office clean and clear of clutter for visitors and staff, and organizing incoming mail. Administrative clerks should also understand how to forward emails to the correct recipient when working in the office’s general email account. They may also be responsible for other staff members’ calendars, so they should understand how to create meetings and appointments in a scheduling program.

Computer skills:Administrative clerks must use a computer to perform their jobs and should have basic knowledge of word processing programs. They may be asked to create files, edit documents or take meeting notes on the computer that they can then email to other staff members. Administrative clerks may also need to understand how to file documents electronically and know how to access them.

Time-management skills:Administrative clerks will have minimal supervision, so they should know how to manage their time well without needing to rely on other staff members. They should know how to organize their day and complete all required tasks before their shift ends.

Strong social skills:An administrative clerk will interact with the general public before any other employees, so they should present themselves professionally. They should know how to interact with clients, respond to questions and resolve situations when necessary. They may need to know how to work with clients who are upset and calmly help them reach a solution. Administrative clerks may also communicate with executive staff members and should know how to relay messages to them.

Bookkeeping experience:Basic bookkeeping experience is helpful for administrative clerks, as they may handle fi…

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