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The Budget and Fiscal Affairs Manager position is responsible for the overall financial management and budgetary oversight for the College of Fine Arts (COFA) departments, programs, auxiliary units, and assists the Assistant Dean for Administration. The manager is responsible for leveraging the development and submission of the College of Fine Arts Operating Budget; disbursement of funds, resources, interpreting and applying accounting principles and funding source regulations to COFA fiscal matters. In addition to developing and overseeing accounting systems specific to COFA operations; directing the COFA fiscal year close-out process, reviewing audit reports and preparing corrective action plans. The incumbent serves as the principal advisor to the Dean on such matters relating to budget, fiscal, personnel, contracts, agreements, procurement, cost analysis, organizational analysis and studies, general accounting, alumni affairs and alumni records, and other University related matters as they arise and provides a variety of administrative support duties in support of the Dean.

Supervisory Accountability :
Has supervisor responsibility. Responsible for orienting, training, assigning and reviewing work. May also be responsible for acting in a leader or senior capacity over other positions performing essentially the same work or related technical tasks and reporting to a higher level on a formal basis.

Internal contacts include but not limited to; Executives, Administrators, Faculty, Staff and Students of COFA and the University at large with special emphasis on the Office of The Provost, Human Resources, Budget and Controller’s Offices. External contacts include representatives from federal, and District of Columbia government, other colleges and universities, professional associations, consultants, vendors, alumni and the general public.

Manage the day-to-day activities of the budget, fiscal and administrative functions through subordinate professional and support staff.

Develop and monitor the budget, development of policies and procedures for administrative functions; monitor procedures to ensure that they are in compliance with the fiscal contract; examine and analyze accounting procedures, records and reports for accuracy.

Provide assistance to the Dean in the execution and oversight of all budgetary and financial management accordance with University policies.

Plan, organize and conduct budget, financial and management reviews to ensure efficient resources are available to properly support the University’s requirements.

Ensure funds made available to COFA through grants, contracts, gifts and funds are applied appropriately according to prescribed contract requirements.

Gather and analyze all pertinent data for the annual Budget Appropriation review and coordinate the preparation submission from the Assistant Dean and Department Chairs for accuracy.

Coordinate the preparation of all Capital Budget requests and administer them in consultation with University Office charges and budgetary oversight responsibilities.

Review all construction projects and contracts to ensure timely completion and serves as the College liaison on all renovation and construction projects with Physical Facilities, University Personnel and contractors.

Conduct periodical budgetary reviews of all divisions and departments within the College with a view to endure that organizational goals, and objectives are met. Advise the Dean of balances in departments and auxiliary unit budget categories.

Manage, review and process all personnel, positions and budget transactions of the College and ensure compliance with current and applicable University policies and procedures.

Coordinate with Assistant Dean, Department Chairs and applicable procedures to ensure the follow-through of all faculty appointments and re-appointments and special employment agreements within the College.

Responsible for receiving, processing, verifying accounts, and keeping track of all gifts and donations to the College from all sources according to University policy and procedures; and serve as liaison with the Office of the Controller.

Must have a wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected.

Serve as a liaison between the Office of the Dean, the Office of The Provost and other University Departments as it relates to budget, fiscal and personnel actions.

Serve as advisor and assists the Dean in the implementation and oversight of budgetary and financial management responsibilities emanating from and pertaining to the COFA in accordance with University policies.

Plan, organize and conduct budget, financial and management reviews to ensure efficient resource management in COFA.

Research and Identify budget issues, assembles supporting documentation, analyze options, prioritize budget issues and make appropriate recommendations to the Dean.

Gather and analyze pertinent data for the Annual Budget Appropriation and coordinates the preparation and submission from the Assistant Dean and Department Chairs.

Coordinate and administer the preparation of documents for the capital budget requests in consultation with University charges. Review assigned construction projects, contracts, grants and ensure their timely completion.

Conduct periodical budget reviews of assigned departments and auxiliary units within COFA. Ensure that organizational goals and objectives are met; advise the Dean of balances in budgetary categories.

Prepare monthly financial reports for the Dean containing the expenditure of the College.

Consults with the Dean in the development and maintenance of a sound organizational structure and appropriate accounting and recording system.

Coordinates with Assistant Dean and Department Chairs to process and ensure compliance with current and applicable federal, District of Columbia and University regulations, policies and procedures.

Receives, processes, acknowledges, accounts, and tracks gifts and donations to COFA from various sources according to federal, District of Columbia and University regulations, policies and procedures. Maintain appropriate contact with the Office of the Controller.

Perform other duties as required.

Knowledge of budgetary principles, practices and methods for Budget and Fiscal management.

Ability to lead and coordinate a complex annual planning process and ensure its successful implementation.

Ability to anticipate and provide information and analysis needed to support executive decisions.

An understanding of revenue and expense trends and longer term resource issues in higher education.

Experience with the implementation and knowledge of information technology systems to support strategic and financial planning, budgeting and executive decision support.

Possess a style that fosters and supports change and innovation, with an ability to delegate yet maintain overall control and to set high standards.

Knowledge of the budget cycle process, workflow of the departments, auxiliary units, and procurement or the ability to become familiar with these areas quickly.

Knowledge of computer applications with accompanying user-friendly software, e.g., Microsoft Word, Excel spreadsheet, Power Point, Database, Outlook, and Share Point, etc.

Knowledge of the budget cycle process.

Skill in oral and written (English) communications with the ability to explain complicated, fiscal and budgetary processes to lay persons, and the ability to make public presentations.

Strong organizational skills to establish priorities meet deadlines and perform in a responsible, professional manner.

Ability to manage cross-functional teams, delegate tasks, and promotes and directs staff development.

Ability to conduct research and prepare comprehensive complex financial and budget reports.

Ability to keep abreast of and adhere to new policies initiated by changes in federal, District of Columbia or University regulations and to communicate this information to others.

Ability to maintain a harmonious working relationship with staff, students, faculty, University officials, and the general public.

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Finance or closely related field and four (4) years relevant experience or the equivalent combination of eight (8) years combined related education and experience. Master’s degree and/or experience in an institute of higher education highly desired.

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