Business Financial Professional, Level 1 Job at Jovian Concepts – 4.2 in Annapolis Junction, MD

Job Description

The Level 1 Business Financial Professional shall possess the following capabilities:

Assist with the validation/completion of Unliquidated Obligations (ULOs)

Assist the Government Business Contract Management Offices with conducting End of the Year activities and the completion of the Actual data calls

Enter requisitions in the financial management system that include all necessary information and documentation (PSC#, PAR, SPAT, BER#, Acq Sec# etc.)

In financial management system, prepare non-complex Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPR) and Economy Act Orders (EAO) and their associated requisitions.

Process incoming MIPRs and EAOs using standard BM&A process to ensure acceptance.

Create and maintain spend plans in the financial management system to document Government-specified requirements

Modify requisitions and associated documentation to comply with Contracting’s guidance to assist in the obligation of funds.

Assist Government Program Managers (GPMs) in tracking requirements through execution by tracking and monitoring requisitions through the approval and certification process and to the subsequent destination (either Contracting’s database or the receiving entity).

Pull financial reports/data from systems such as FACTS, CMIS, EDSS, and CDW.

Utilize established acquisition and financial management policies, procedures, regulations and tools.


In lieu of two (2) years of experience, an undergraduate degree with a business focus is acceptable.

Two (2) years of experience, an undergraduate degree with a business focus is acceptable.

Four (4) years of industry, or 6 (six) years of combined industry and commercial experience in purchasing or finance required.

About the Company

Company: Jovian Concepts – 4.2

Company Location:  Annapolis Junction, MD

Estimated Salary:

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