Chief Financial Officer Jobs in Delta, CO at Delta Ace Hardware

Title: Chief Financial Officer

Company: Delta Ace Hardware

Location: Delta, CO

Job Description: Chief Financial Officer Reports to: General Manager

Job Rating: Full Time (Sr. Management) Revised 10/22

General Duties:
Maintain all financial records required by law for the business and any additional items as directed by the General Manager. Monitor, approve and ensure prompt payment of all debts incurred by the business. Supervise the maintenance of all accounts receivable. Ensure staff is paid promptly, accurately and according to approved methods. Maintain confidential employee files as directed by the General Manager. Work with all Managers to create annual budgets. Ensure the confidentiality of all business records including customer and employee files.

Principle Duties:
1) Create and maintain the daily, weekly, monthly and annual financial records and reports as directed by law or the General Manager.
2) Work closely with the company Accountant to verify accuracy and compliance of financial practices.
3) Brief General Manager and Store Managers regularly on the financial health of the business.
4) Work with the General Manager to create the annual operating budget.
5) Create a system of checks and balances to ensure against fraud and protect the security and confidentiality of the business.
6) Assist the Store Manager with the maintenance of the store’s office equipment including the computer systems. .
7) Represent the Business in the community.

Job Duties:
1) Assist Store customers as needed, especially with questions regarding Accounts Receivable.
2) Supervise the weekly printing and mailing of the Accounts Receivable statements
3) Oversee the preparation and delivery of the daily bank deposits.
4) Monitor the daily operations/accuracy of all financial responsibilities including all Bank Accounts, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
5) Maintain the store bank accounts and report the cash needs of the business to the General Manager.
6) File credit applications for the business and ensure all accounts payable are paid promptly and accurately.
7) Monitor the payroll records and ensure payment accuracy – including employee benefits and health insurance payments
8) Advise the General Manager and Store Manager of opportunities that may exist to increase the store’s overall profitability.
9) Assist in creating and revising job descriptions for all staff positions that report to this position.
10) Hire and supervise all office personnel and assist in hiring of cashiers
11) Assist with staff performance evaluations as directed by the employee manual.
12) Prepare all annual forms required by law on time, such as W-2 forms, 1099 forms, sales tax forms etc.
13) Monitor all accounts receivable activity for accuracy and to ensure prompt payment is received.
14) Conduct credit checks for any new customer credit applications.
15) Approve and assist as needed for the purchase of all office equipment and supplies.
16) Handle store correspondence as directed by the General Manager.
17) Assist with sorting and delivering all Store mail and confirm it is delivered to the correct departments daily.
18) Perform other duties as agreed upon and directed by the General Manager.

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