Finance Assistant Clerk Job at StaffCentral Consulting – in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

Responsibilities:Job Duties/Responsibilities will include:
Works closely with the financial administrator to ensure timely processing of invoices and billing of receivables/refunds.

Performs creditors and cash bookkeeping functions to ensure accurate accounting records.

Requirements:Candidate Requirements/ Experience:
Tertiary qualification in accounting.

Minimum of two years’ experience in the field.

Advanced computer literate i.e. Pastel, Excel, internet banking, MS Office.

Operate basic office equipment.

Understand call centre processes/procedure/technology.

Understand and use general business principles and practices in executing daily work; know business model, products, services, customers, and the marketplace.

Behavioural competencies:
Attention to detail – the ability to process detailed information effectively and consistently.

Focus on quality – setting high-quality standards and striving for continuous improvement and to secure quality.

Integrity – adherence to the standards, values, and rules of conduct associated with one’s position and the culture in which one operates. Being incorruptible.

Controlling progress – the ability to control the progress of employee’s processes, tasks, or activities and of one’s own work and responsibilities.

Problem analysis – the ability to detect problems, recognise important information and link various data; to trace potential causes and look for relevant details.

Verbal expression – the ability to communicate in clear language and to adjust one’s use of language to the audience’s level.

Result-orientedness – the ability to take direct action in order to attain or exceed objectives.

Cooperation – the ability to work effectively with others in order to achieve a shared goal – even when the object at stake is of no direct personal interest.

Planning and organising – the ability to determine goals and priorities and to assess the actions, time, and resources needed to achieve those goals.

Discipline – the ability to adjust to existing rules, procedures, and policy. Finding reinforcement from the right authority when in doubt.

Forming judgment – the ability to balance facts and potential approaches taking the appropriate criteria into account.

Listening skills – the ability to show one absorbs and understands important (non-) verbal information and to ask further questions when necessary.

Customer orientation – the ability and willingness to find out what the customer wants and needs and to act accordingly, taking the organisation’s costs and benefits into account.

Conflict management – the ability to handle conflicting interests diplomatically and to help solve them.

Sensitivity – being susceptible to the attitudes, feelings, or circumstances of others and being aware of the influence of one’s own behaviour on them.

Workmanship – independently carries out his/her work in accordance with professional standards of the profession. Is developing herself/himself in her professional field. Has a thorough knowledge of her/his field.

Stress management – the ability to perform under pressure and adversity.

General competencies:
Manages work activities and transactions with transparency and fairness.

Develops project work plans with a thorough understanding of the functional are.

Seeks clarification and direction from the manager, as required.

Links information across individual work to form a comprehensive perspective.

Analyses setbacks and seeks honest feedback to learn from mistakes.

Develops solutions to recurring problems.

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