Internal client Services- ATS- SAP Development Lead Job at Deloitte – in Midrand, Gauteng

Technical Competencies (order of importance)

Systems Architecture and Design

Database Design Methodology

Web services, REST, SOAP

Javascript, JSON

SAP cloud platform integration



SAP In App Extensibility

AWS Cloud

SAP Robotics



SAP Side by Side Extensibility


Microsoft Azure




.NET development (C#)

Key Performance Area

Interrogates, clearly understands and communicates to team the agreed strategic objectives of both own Service Area and that of the client Service Line/s

Manages the implementation of the strategic imperatives in line with service area strategy relating to:

Implementation of change initiatives within designated area/s

Management of the implementation of plan on a day-to-day basis with team

Monitoring skills level in team relating to required outputs, assisting as necessary

Clear and regular communication with superior and team on implementation status

Supports own Service Line leadership in carrying out EXCO mandate

Builds professional relationships within service line/s to understand business needs in area/s of responsibility

Generates and implements innovative ideas and solutions within area of responsibility in collaboration with team members to enhance / renew service offerings

Budgets / Profitability

Provides input into annual budget to superior for drafting of budget for Department

Manages expenditure within team and ensures time and expenses are submitted

Differentiators for this specific role:
Management of all Incidents logged:
Ensure all user calls are resolved within the SLA

Reviews daily/weekly call reports for incidents logged with SAP

Follows up with both SAP and business teams on the progress of the calls

Organise weekly meetings with the SAP Preferred Care Success manager and lead the discussions and discuss resolution of issues and action points

Management of Customer Influence:
Ensuring that all business requests are logged onto the SAP Community portal

Request development of items through the SAP incident portal and SAP will deliver on these

Review Maintenance schedules for all SAP Products

Network performance management:
Work with NCIS teams to understand where performance issues are and work as a team to resolve them.

Analyse Network usage reports

Resolution of Integration issues

Monitor all batch jobs and programs to determine whether successful or not and resolve issues

Develop new integration requirements Testing

Providing technical and functional expertise across the firm for all business units and all regions (12) to the Business Process Owners (Level P6) and above

Resolve troubleshooting user problems and provide solutions

Interact with consultants of other modules within the SAP ERP CoE team (internal team) to ensure that all items are logged and any issues are resolved within SAP Integration and downstream applications

Providing Consultancy advice regarding Integration stream to the ATS Enterprise Architect and other Internal ATS departments like CAD (Application Development team)

Perform root cause analysis both on iFlows and SSIS packages for downstream systems

Manage Testing for Projects, Change requests

Develop Test Plans with the Functional ERP CoE team on the test tool to enable improved regression testing and faster turnaround

Perform User Acceptance testing

Liaising with SAP and Deloitte Business on issues and queries

Resolve UAT queries

Perform adhoc detailed testing – SAP /windows upgrades and other technology or SAP enhancement packs

Manage testing of business users and setting up of user acceptance testing workshops and collation of results

Sign off Test Results

Conducting Integration testing with other Modules

Working closely with testers to execute test scripts and obtain business buy-in

Approving change to move to Production Environment

Change Project Management

Co-ordinate project change for production

Ensuring all 1/4ly releases are performed as scheduled and teams have reviewed the documentation

Ensuring all governance has been adhered to and compliance to the release policy and procedures

Export and import – extensibility

Manage the Technical Architectures

Log Tickets into Q system – Expert Config

Manage the SCP and Integration and take ownership on all new items

Business process management

Conduct and Facilitate Business requirement workshops with the Deloitte Business and document the Business requirements on Specification document

Co-ordinate all Enhancements and Change requests to the SAP System

Reviewing existing processes or efficiencies and proactively propose changes to business processes (To-Be)

Obtain user sign off for Blue print documentation

Produce Month End check lists and resolve all Month End issues identified

Manage all backlog items from business to ensure that they are developed by SAP team and on the SAP Roadmap


Minimum Qualifications

Degree (3 years) or National Diploma in IT related course

Desired Qualifications

Postgraduate qualification + SAP certification in the respective Process Area

Minimum Experience

At least five years IT/Functional experience and 3 years Functional SAP knowledge in at least 1 key module of SAP ERP such as Finance, Procurement, HR or Engagement Management. Knowledge in the specific Process Area

Experience of implementing a specific SAP Module

Experience in leading a team and understanding of technical issues and Development languages

Desired Experience

At least 6 years IT/business experience, 4 years working knowledge on a SAP ERP solution.

Worked in a leadership role and management of people

Ability to lead workshops and conduct presentations to Management and Business leads

Knowledge of development language and technical skillset in Integration landscape

Additional Information

Data Quality and Governance Facilitation

  • Conduct adhoc data quality audits on specific areas
  • Notification of issues to the SAP BPO for rectification
  • Conduct Monthly checks on all aspects of data – Number of Expense claims not paid
  • Review of Error logs and recommendations
  • Notification of issues to the SAP Solution Manager
  • Produce audit reports on non-compliance with proposed recommendations to ERP Solution Forum
  • Ensure all batch jobs for integration are successful and data integrity is maintained

Implementation of Projects and Change requests

  • Advising the business on alternative solutions for their business in terms of new scope items released from SAP Cloud to enhance business process efficiencies.
  • Conducting/facilitate Workshops with the business and other ATS ERP CoE team to understand requirements and what should be released to the rest of the firm on the Cloud Platform
  • Documentation of Business requirements from all service lines in 12 countries to ensure business is enabled.
  • Obtaining development quotes from AMS or Consulting Project team to assist with any development work if there are no skills in house.
  • Presenting options to Business Process Owners
  • Acting as a Subject Matter Expert on Integration and SAP Architect and Change Control process
  • Acting as a Project Manager on the Request or smaller projects (operational level)
  • Implement Business Solutions
  • Coordinating change management process during the development phase.
  • Consulting and facilitating different groups (user groups, AMS Functional consultants and AMS development teams),

Present new ideas and Innovation to the business

Perform research on Google SAP Help for new items on roadmap

Attend Special Interest Groups, SAP seminars and conferences

Conduct research with other companies and market leaders

Influencing the Core Finance business to change processes and adapt to best practise based on the Release of New Scope Items from SAP to enhance efficiencies. This is presented to the Business Process Owners and Africa CFO.

Developing Decision documents for Business Process Owners on specific new scope items and other additional functionality within the system.

Management of SAP module Strategy and Architecture

Assist in the documentation and review of the Integration and Authorisations Strategy of the SAP landscape with a Tactical plan & Architecture defined for all domains and applications.

Update and maintain the SAP Solution Architecture for specific SAP module to show all Inputs and Outputs and other touch points

Influencing outcomes of Month End Checks by understanding and documentation of all Batch jobs and technical integration points to other applications

Documenting all Data Flows of Master data

Keeping the SAP Architecture up to date with the BSASI team.

Performing research into SAP roadmaps and trends by using research tools and internet and SAP documentation.

Management of the overall SAP Architecture and ensure that it is kept up to date

Testing and Adherence to Change Control Process (CAB)

Perform Unit testing of forms, integration, Deloitte customisations and data migration.

Ensure all test scripts are appended to any Change Control Item

Log all change controls to CAB with all documentation (Any changes on PRD need to be adhered to )

Attends weekly change control review board sessions

Scope Items and Maintenance schedules

Management of New scope items that are released by SAP into the cloud platform and to work with business to enable the scope item. This is for all areas namely, Finance, procurement, HR, Project Services, reporting, budgeting and Forecasting

Assist Functional team in the review of the scope items and whether Deloitte should implement

Technical scope items and changes

SAP Roadmap understanding and updates to other team members

Management of New releases, concur/SF/SAP S4/HANA

New release management and ownership of Maintenance schedules and down time and releases for S4, Concur, SF and SAP BW, SAC

Management of all Backlog items and items from Business that are tracked on a Backlog tracker and is updated after workshops with the business on improved ways of doing things.

Integration Specialist and Technical developer

Monitoring of all SAP Cloud products

Development of new functionality which is defined by the business and would be classified as Customisations as specific development for Deloitte

Applying upgrades to all SAP Cloud Products and others



All cloud based systems






Integration down to EDF

SAP Cloud Connector

SAP Identity provider

SAP Data Services

AWS knowledge

Understanding of MFA and firewall rules

Development work for Integration which is the integration between SF and S4, Concur and SF, Concur and S4, S4 and SAP BW, SF to all downstream systems, S4 to all downstream systems – These downstream applications are other Deloitte applications like Deloitte Impact, eKPC, Phoenix

Development work for Forms etc. and management of Integration layer

Develop Business Customisations

Develop simple Enhancements like addition of extra fields – use of BADI’s

Work on System to develop custom integration code

Develop programs and logic in the technical cloud platform

Security Compliance

Management of SSO(Single Sign on) to ensure that the Identity Services is activated and working correctly

Management of AD integration

Management of MFA compliance

Management of the SAP Cloud Identity Platform across SF and SAP S4

Leadership / Behavioural Capabilities

Living our Purpose: Identifies and embraces our purpose and values and puts these into practice in their professional life

Influence: Builds relationships and communicates effectively in order to positively influence peers and other stakeholders

Performance drive: Seeks opportunities to challenge self; teams with others across businesses and borders to deliver and takes accountability for own and team results

Strategic direction: Understands objectives for clients and Deloitte, aligns own work to objectives and sets personal priorities

Talent development: Develops self by actively seeking opportunities for growth, shares knowledge and experiences with others, and acts as a strong brand ambassador

Professional Capabilities:
Knows the business and industry: Knows how member firm business works and keeps up-to-date on industry activities, marketplace trends and leading practices

Manages to results: Takes responsibility for assigned areas and contributes to the successful realization of common goals

Manages and executes projects: Prepares and manages work plans to ensure efficient and timely completion of work

Solves problems: Identifies and solves problems objectively using analysis, experience and judgment

Manages quality and risk: Understands and applies quality assurance and risk management procedures in all areas of work performed

Manages change and ambiguity: Is adaptive and flexible in the face of change and ambiguity

  • Please note that this job advertisement provides a summary of the capabilities required and all candidates shortlisted will receive a full list of capabilities.

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